A Calm Oasis in the Middle of the City

A Calm Oasis in the Middle of the City

Do you live in the city? Do you own a balcony? Do you long for nature? Want to make a limited space garden there? With these simple, space-saving and planet-loving tips, you can bring the lush country life to your own balcony, surround yourself with greenery and watch yourself bloom.


Instead of tiles, use artificial grass, a green carpet or turf rug imitating a lawn. Add wooden tiles to enhance this beautiful look to your balcony.

Window boxes are your friends!

Balcony blooms and greenery wrapped around railings will beautify and make it feel more connected to nature without obstructing the views. Or hang planters and wall 

Treat it like a living room

Use a living room design formula to ensure it’s a place you’ll actually want to spend time.  Add armchairs or a comfy couch, a coffee table, some mood light & candles, and a throw blanket.  Use outdoor grade fabrics, weathered pieces and flea market finds.

Secure Mirrors

Use unusual mirrors and create a mosaic to the back wall.  Not only will the pattern create dimension, it will bring more light and no one will fight over seating arrangements since you’ll be able to see the view from all directions.

Choose Paint Wisely

Paint the railings/wall a subtle colour that blends into the surroundings, so as not to obstruct the natural views.

Create a sense of privacy

Don’t let a shared space thwart your designer instincts.  A room divider can create the illusion of privacy if you outdoor area abuts a neighbours and will make for a dramatic backdrop to a homey seating area.

Add a cover

Cover your balcony to create shade and protection from the elements.  You don’t have to build a permanent overhead structure, instead, secure outdoor fabric, like a sail, to corner pillars.


Ensure adequate light for the night to illuminate your outdoor space.  Nothing will set the ambiance better specially as the sun goes down and darkness settles.  This will go a long way toward setting the right mood.