A Blossom Filled Spring in the Capital

A Blossom Filled Spring in the Capital

A Blossom Filled Spring in the Capital

Hampstead Heath Circular Self Guided Walk 

(4.5 or 6.5 miles)

Spring in London is always a knockout. As we emerge from an extra-severe period of hibernation, the urge to get to out and gawp at loads of pretty flowers becomes pretty intense. The urge will increase ten-fold now lockdown restrictions have lifted.

There are tons of amazing green spaces to enjoy the season’s pops of colour.  So why not take a self guided walk around Hampstead and Highgate.

This walk starts and finishes at Hampstead Underground Station (Northern Line).

The short version, omitting Highgate, is an easy walk of 4.55 miles (7.32 kilometres), with some moderate hills. The longer version has steeper hills and covers 6.58 miles (10.59 kilometres). Both versions are mainly on surfaced or semi-surfaced paths.

The walk explores one of London’s best known and loved open spaces. It ascends the viewpoint of Parliament Hill, then skirts the edges of the Heath by way of the Hampstead and Highgate Ponds, before affording the chance to visit one of Britain’s most important art collections. It then plunges into the heart of the Heath before emerging by the Whitestone Pond, and returns to the start via some of Hampstead’s most delightful streets, where your appetite for coffee and cake can be satisfied. The longer version affords the chance to explore the famous Highgate Cemetery (admission charge) and to use the extensive refreshment facilities of Highgate Village.

For a step by step guide to this walk, download here