The World’s Most Wanted Property Features

The World’s Most Wanted Property Features

The World’s most wanted property features

By researching online search agent Google’s data, you can understand which features of the home are most desirable. Buying or renting a home is a major decision for anyone and most people tend to weigh the pros and cons of a property very carefully.  Even in a market with limited supply, many are not willing to compromise on their favourite features even if that takes a little longer.

Here’s one online agent’s discovery of the world’s most wanted property features:


People in search of properties in the UK, land ranked top as the most important feature.  Summer houses, woodland, waterfalls, garages, gardens, stables and bars also made it to the top 10 most popular.

According to research, and despite the UK not being the warmest location, swimming pools ranked as the third most sought-after requirement.


The most popular feature out of 52 countries worldwide, was swimming pools, closely followed in second place by outside space.

“Tastes, styles and preferences can change from one country to the next, let alone from one country to another, but when it comes down to it, most people value the same features” says chief exec of GetAgent.

If, like the majority of the world, use of a swimming pool is your most desired feature, then check out this property that is available for rent in Hampstead, NW3